Enterprise WAM Integration

In this use case, the AXN is integrated with a company's Web Access Management platform. This will allow the company to inject verified identities to all of their web applications, without having to make changes on each individual application.


  • AXN integrated with Web Access Management tool via OpenID Connect. Specifically, AXN is added to WAM tool as an IDP, where the WAM tool is the RP.
  • Enterprise IDP is added to the AXN.


  • User accesses application and clicks "sign up"
  • App makes OIDC request to WAM tool
  • WAM makes OIDC request to AXN
  • AXN challenges user with identity verification policy.
  • On submit, data verified against network of providers.
  • Results returned, aggregated, and scored by AXN.
  • Results returned to WAM tool
  • WAM tool makes policy decision, as covered in the Policy Decision page.