Linking from your Application

The Relying Party is required to provide a link which initiates an OpenID Connect request to the AXN through the /authorize endpoint. What happens when the user clicks on the link is dependent on which AXN Solution you chose for this API key:

  • AXN Verify: User will be redirected to a verification screen.
  • AXN Manage: User will be redirect to a login screen, and then to a verification screen.


AXN Verify v. Manage

Typically, you should have your AXN Verify policy linked from your "Sign up" button, and your AXN Manage policy linked from your "Log In" button.

Initiating Upfront Verification (AXN Verify)

No existing account at IDP

If you are initiating a verification event (no login required), you should link your "Verify" AXN Policy from your UI's "Create New Account" link. Note: This will only require the openid and country.xx scopes. For Example:

<a href="">Create New Account</a>

Initiating Adaptive Authentication (AXN Manage)

Account has been Provisioned at IDP

If you are initiating a login / re-verification event, you should link your "Manage" AXN Policy from your UI's "Login" link.
Note: This will require the openid, country.xx, and idp.xx scopes.
Note: This may require you to add your company's Identity Provider to the AXN. For more details, see the Adding my Enterprise Identity Provider page.
Note: If you provisioned an account after you verified the user, you'll need to create a link between the new account (in your system) and the AXN (in ours.) Please review the /accountlink endpoint on the API reference page.

<a href="">Login with Acme Corp</a>

Social Sign-On

If you don't want to manage identity providers, you can opt for using ID DataWeb's out of the box identity providers, which include both Public and Premium IDPs. To do this, you simply select which Identity providers you'd like in the AXN Manage section of AXN Admin, then create a "Sign up with..." or "Login with..." link for each one.

<a href="">Sign Up with Facebook</a>

<a href="">Sign Up with Google</a>