The AXN Verify API allows you to verify, authenticate, and conditionally challenge your users via industry standard REST-based API calls. This integration option is great for embedding IDW verification directly into your mobile application or custom web applications.

For a high level view of the common Verify API use cases and architecture, please see the AXN Verify API section of the documentation.

There are 4 main components to all API calls:

  1. Headers
  2. Query Parameters
  3. Body - flow parameters
  4. Body - attributes

Common integration endpoints:

  • MobileMatch
    Call /token to get a bearer token
    Call /slverify to validate user's PII and phone
    Call /otp to send claimed phone an OTP
    Call /slverify to verify possession of the OTP

  • BioGovID
    Call /token to get a bearer token
    Call /doccapture/sendlink to send a link a URL to capture documents + selfie in real-time
    Call /doccapture/results to retrieve details
    Call /slverify to verify submitted images

Endpoint base URLs: