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Attribute List

Attributes are the data points collected from the end user for verification. This list contains the public attributes included in the AXN. It is also possible to add your own attributes.


Attribute Format

For a list of attribute format for API input, please see the API reference.

Attribute nameSub componentsdescriptionexample input
Full NamefnameFirst name of Subject.Mark
mnameMiddle name of subjectDavid
lname"last name (given, surname) of subject"Coleman
International Addressstreet_numberStreet Number indicates the precise street number.1426
routeindicates a named route or street name5th Street Northwest
subpremiseSpecific building information such as Apartment # or Unit #Apartment A
localityindicates an incorporated city or town political entityWashington
neighborhoodindicates a named neighborhoodNorthwest Washington
postal_codePostal Code Indicates a postal code as used to address postal mail within the country20001
administrative_area_level_1"Indicates a first-order civil entity below the country level, like State or Province. This type indicates a minor civil division. Not all nations exhibit these administrative levels​. See ISO 3166-2 subdivisions"DC
country"indicates the national political entity, and is typically the highest order type. See ISO 3166 Alpha-2"US
premise"indicates a named location, usually a building or collection of buildings with a common name"
sublocalityindicates a first-order civil entity below a locality. For some locations may receive one of the additional types
administrative_area_level_3Indicates a third-order civil entity below the country level. This type indicates a minor civil division. Not all nations exhibit these administrative levels
sublocality_level_5"Indicates a subdivision of locality, like unit"
sublocality_level_4"Indicates a subdivision of locality, like house"
sublocality_level_3"Indicates a subdivision of locality, like Block"
sublocality_level_2"Indicates a subdivision of locality, like District"
PhonetelephoneThe end user's telephone number. Can be desktop or mobile.
dial codeCountry code.
DOBmonthMonth of subject's birth.
dayDay of subject's birth.
yearYear of subject's birth.
SSN4SSN4last 4 digits of social security number.
SSN9SSN9full social security number.
emailemailemail address of subject. Can be enterprise or personal.
National IDNational IDNational ID of subject (non-US)
Name On CardName On CardName on identification card.
Drivers License Imagesfront imagefront image of driver's license card.
back imageback image of driver's license card.
Camera SnapshotWebcam imageSnapshot of end user's face from webcam or phone camera.
Company namecompany nameName of legal entity.
company addresscstreet1Street address of legal entity HQ.
cstreet2Street address #2 of legal entity HQ.
ccityCity of legal entity HQ.
cstateState of legal entity HQ.
czipZip of legal entity HQ.
company phonephonePhone number of legal entity HQ.
OrganizationOrganizationOrganization name of the legal entity.
TaxIDTaxIDTax ID of subject.
GenderGenderGender of subject.
IndustryIndustryIndustry of legal entity.

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Attribute List

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