Copy Link

The "Copy Link" button generates a URL which will initiate your identity verification workflow. On a technical level - this builds a full OpenID Connect /auth request, which can also be used to simplify integration.

Use Cases

  • Testing support. The "Copy Link" feature can be used to copy a test link which can be provided to teammates for testing.
  • Developer support. The "Copy Link" feature can be used to generate a fully formed OpenID Connect /authorize request, with all of the required parameters prefilled. Developers can then redirect their users to think link during the verification process, or they can use it to understand where the different attributes should be placed in the URL.

Input Fields

  • Country - the country of the end user being verified. Default is US.
  • Redirect To - the redirect URL for the user once verification is complete. For testing - choose /fin for a summarized "approve" or "deny" message, and "showEndpoint" to see the full JSON payload (more useful for developers.)
  • Credential - the assigned unique ID for the user of this transaction. Can be used to find your transaction on the transaction report page.
  • AppID - optional field to tag a transaction as coming from a specific application. See AppID for more details.

Viewing Results

Once a transaction is complete, the details of the transaction can be found with the Transaction Report tool.