Send Email with Link

The "Send Email with Link" feature allows you to send a branded email to a single email address requesting identity verification.

Use cases

  • Trigger an identity verification event. If you have a user who needs to be verified, you can use the "Send Email with Link" feature to initiate the process.
  • Send test links to individuals for POCs or Pilots. The "Send Email with Link" feature can be used to easily send test links to groups of people included in a POC or Pilot.

Input Fields

  • Email - the email of the recipient. The verification email will be sent to the address provided.
  • Country - the country of the end user being verified. Default is US.
  • Redirect To - the redirect URL for the user once verification is complete. For testing - choose /fin for a summarized "approve" or "deny" message, and "showEndpoint" to see the full JSON payload (more useful for developers.)
  • Credential - the assigned unique ID for the user of this transaction. Can be used to find your transaction on the transaction report page.
  • AppID - optional field to tag a transaction as coming from a specific application. See AppID for more details.

Viewing Results

Once a transaction is complete, the details of the transaction can be found with the Transaction Report tool.