AuthenticID - INTL. Passport Verification

International Government Issued ID Verification & Biometrics


AuthenticID fuses state-of-the-art identity authentication with real-time identity data analytics to allow you to segment your customers by opportunity value.

We do this with frictionless consumer friendly mobile technology in a lightning-fast 20 seconds, leveraging the automated technologies of machine learning and neural networks.

  • Advanced patent-pending digital tamper detection
  • Forensic authentication of government-issued ID documents for 192 countries
  • Market-leading FR selfie match against identification document photo
  • Biometric enrollment to bind various biometrics to authenticated identity for continual authenticated login use cases
  • Patent-pending liveness detection to prevent selfie spoofing

Country support

192 countries (all that issue Passports)

Available attributes

Passport Image
Camera Snapshot (selfie)

Available Assertions


Pass if the overall verification of the passport was successful. Will return Fail if any significant tests return FAIL below.


Pass if selfie is naturally captured. Fail if there is an indication of a selfie spoof (unnaturally captured selfie, altered in any way.)


Pass if the images submitted meet the minimum required size for the image.


Pass if the image was not determined to contain a digital reproduction of a passport (manipulated in any way.)


Pass if image of passport was captured naturally. Fail if transaction is either a digital, reproduced or paper submission. Will also fail if the image is a picture of a screen.


Pass if the color analysis of the document matches that of the country and year on record. Will fail if grayscale, or if the image has been altered.


Pass if no modifications were made to the text on the ID. Fail if small modifications were made to the text, for example DOB or Full Name.


Pass if no changes have been made to the person’s image on the ID. Fail if it appears that the image has been swapped out or altered in any way.


Pass if the picture of the face was submitted, passes face detection, and can be compared against the passport image.


Pass if no blur or blockage of the image are detected. Will fail if image is overly blurry, or if there are foreign objects in the image (for example, a finger blocking some of the full identification page.)


Pass if the selfie image was received to the system. Fail if there was an issue getting the image to the system.


Pass if the face on the passport’s identification page matches the submitted selfie.


Pass if the selfie is naturally captured. Will fail if it is photoshopped, cropped, filtered or doctored in any way.


Pass if the DOB could be read and verified on the document.


Pass if the colors on the passport match to the pattern on file for the country and year. Fail if this has been altered or changed (Grayscale, photoshop.)


Pass if the selfie image has not been altered or adjusted. Fail if there are any issues detected.


Pass if the input image meets the minimum requirements for “dots per inch”, aka DPI. Fail if the image does not meet minimum quality requirements.


Pass if the input DOB (entered by user or federated from the identity provider) matches that which is on the identification page of the Passport.