ID DataWeb supports AXN Verify integrated with Sailpoint's JML flow. This allows you to prove the identity of your users as they join your organization or change roles.



Process Flow

  1. User data synced into Sailpoint JML
  2. JML maps user attributes to Sailpoint System
  3. ID DataWeb Verify Plugin maps user attributes and builds verification link
  4. ID DataWeb Verify Plugin sends verification email to end user
  5. End user completes configured ID DataWeb verification workflow (including
    MobileMatch, BioGovID, Dynamic KBA in a dynamic process)
  6. Once complete, ID DataWeb sends verification results to Sailpoint via WorkflowArgs webhook
  7. ID DataWeb Verify Plugin makes Policy Decision on user verification. If APPROVE = allow next step of provisioning process to begin. If DENY = verification incomplete, handle exception.
  8. Sailpoint provisions verified user with high level of assurance rom first contact.

More Information

Reach out to [email protected] for more information.