/slverify output

The /slverify endpoint allows you to verify user submitted data against the Attribute Exchange Network. As an output, it will produce results which align with the sections outlined here.

For the API, the output is structured in the following way:

    "errorCode": "",
    "errorDescription": "",
    "transaction_id": "c66130ad-5551-1111-1111-2716ef0bf31a",
    "userAttributes": [
      //user attributes
    "acquiredAttributes": [
     //acquired attributes   
    "userAssertionList": [
    // assertions    
    "mbun": "fcbdc4a9-c369-1111-1111-851051fc2f84",
    "forwardApiKey": "",
    "policyObligation": false,
    "policyDecision": "deny"

Key Points

  • the policyDecision is the summary of what happened during the verification. This is configurable through the Decision Engine in AXN Admin, and will determine if the user was approved, denied, should be stepped up, or should retry. More information on how to interpret policy decision in API is available here.
  • If this is part of a multi-step verification workflow, the transaction_id should be identical to the previous or next steps. This is the key session identifier across an individual user's session. More information on persisting the session across API calls is available here.