AXN Manage Overview

This section will walk you through the four steps of AXN Manage.

AXN Manage - Device Profiling

  • Run the test application, generate a session ID, and complete device profiling.
  • Use the postman to send your session ID to the API, and retrieve the results.

AXN Manage - MFA

  • If the policyDecision is OBLIGATION, send the user an MFA challenge
  • Validate the MFA challenge to ensure MFA credential possession

AXN Manage - Trust Device

  • If the user passes MFA, call the /trustDevice API to trust the user's device going forward. This will prevent MFA in the future for a configurable amount of time.

AXN Manage - View Transaction Report

  • Once you have successfully analyzed, challenged and trusted your user, check out a transaction report in AXN Admin to see it summarized.