Support Portal

All support tickets can be submitted and reviewed in our online help center.

To make use of our help center, you'll first have to create a new account:

Create an ID DataWeb Help Center account


Then, in the top right corner, click Sign in.

In the bottom left, click Sign Up.

Complete the sign up form.


You can also use Google to sign-in more conveniently.

How do I open a new support ticket?

In the top right, click Submit a request

Complete the request form.

How do I view my open support tickets?

In the top right, click your Account Name. Then, click Requests

There, your request history will be available.

How do I give colleagues access to my support tickets?

  1. Go to your inbox directly (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook)

  2. Reply directly to the ZenDesk Support Ticket Thread and CC your colleague(s).

  3. Ask them to create a ID DataWeb Help Center Account, and the tickets they've been CC'd on will become available inside their dashboard.

Instead of creating a Zendesk account, can I login with my company's?

SSO enablement for the support portal is on the roadmap, and we will provide you more updates as we go

How can I CC people onto the same ticket without manually adding them in email?

We recommend creating your Zendesk account with your organization's distribution email address; for example: [email protected]

This will ensure that any email updates are sent to your distribution list, including all relevant parties, instead of just one person.

Note, you'll need inbox access to the email address you choose, so that you can retrieve the password reset link sent to your inbox.

Can I create an organization for myself and colleagues to share tickets?

Yes. Upon request, we can create an organization so that you and other coworkers can share and update tickets together. For more information please contact [email protected]

Support is offered to all ID DataWeb customers. For more information, please contact [email protected].