Verification Services and Workflows

A Verification Service is an individual step in a verification process. For example - this could be a PII validation step, a risk analysis step, and or an MFA challenge. Verification Services are the building blocks of all of ID DataWeb's Products - AXN Verify, AXN Manage and AXN Batch. Verification services can be linked together to create Verification Workflows.

Verification Workflows

  • A verification Workflow is a collection of linked Verification Services to achieve a specific user journey. The Decision engine is used to "obligate" one step to the next, based on a configurable policy engine (see: Policy Decisions.
  • ID DataWeb offers preconfigured Verification Workflows, which are easily deployable from the Workflows page (see: Creating a new Verification Workflow.)

Creating New Verification Workflow

Interacting with Verification Workflows

You can interact with Verification Services in two ways:

  • interact with a Verification service from AXN Admin (see: Using Workflows)
  • Interact with a Verification service through a technical integration (see: Integration Choices.)

Technical Integrations with Verification Workflows

  • A Verification service is always assigned a client ID and a client secret. These credentials are used to interact with the service via either the AXN Gateway, or our AXN Verify API.
  • AXN Gateway - a verification service's client ID and Client Secret are used for your application to integrate with your application via OpenID Connect. (see: AXN Gateway (OIDC).)
  • AXN Verify API - a verification service's client ID and Client Secret are used for your application to retrieve an OAuth2 access token, which is then used to authenticate your application across subsequent API calls. (see: AXN Verify API.)