Using the same access token across multiple API calls

Configuring and using the "Master Token" Feature

Each individual verification service is assigned a client_id and client_secret per the OAuth2 specification. However, multiple API calls are required in most user journeys. In this scenario, you should use the Master Token feature. This will allow you to retrieve a single access token, and reuse it across all scoped services.


The first API key in your verificaiton workflow is set as the "master" by default. If you are retroactively applying this, please speak with your Solutions Architect.

Technical Implementation

Once your master service is set, you should retrieve an access token.

Retrieve a master token

Retrieve your access token through the /token endpoint, specified here:

Make additional API calls

You can now use this access token across any APIs in your workflow.

To do this, you will need to add the "apiKey" field to any subsequent API calls. This is required for the AXN to correctly route your requests.

	"apikey": "691066b4cf2d4475",
	"asi": "xxx-yyy-zzz",
	"credential": "[email protected]",
	"userAttributes": []
    //other IDW input