Scopes are used to help the AXN understand what actions the Relying Party is attempting to take. They are used by the AXN to send the user's to the right places, or customize the experience for the user's location. It's important that you send the correct scopes into the AXN at the right times.


  • Scopes can be set as or .
  • Scopes must be delimited by a '+'
  • Scope values must be delimited by a '.'


Scope nameDescription
openidRequired. When present, will return an ID Token (in addition to access and refresh tokens.)
idp.googleOptional. Redirects the user to login at the Google identity provider (note: requires service to be setup as "AXN Manage").
idp.CUSTOMIDPOptional. Redirect the user to a custom IDP of your choice (commonly an enterprise SSO system). Speak to your Solutions Architect on how to set this up.
country.COUNTRYCODEOptional. Use ISO Alpha-2 (2 character) country code to customize your user's verification experience. Different country codes can be used to:
1) Prefill country selection
2) Control language preferences
3) Control phone number dialcode prefix
4) Control address input format settings
appid(Deprecated). A method for passing an application identifier to IDW. Payload must be