Lexis Nexis Instant ID


Growing your business while satisfying Customer Identification Program (CIP) regulations demands the ability to make effective and efficient decisions on prospective customers.
LexisNexis® InstantID® delivers instant identity verification to drive smarter decisions and keep customer acquisition in focus.

Country support

United States

Available attributes

Full Name

Available Assertions (See table below)

link.fullName_phoneThe full name provided matches the full name registered to the provided phone number.
link.lastName_phoneThe last name provided matches the last name registered to the provided phone number.
link.phone_addressThe address provided matches the address registered to the provided phone number.
test.phone_landline_mobile_personalThe phone type provided is a mobile phone or a fixed voip phone (ex. not a google voice #)
link.fullName_addressA person with the provided full name lives at the provided address.
link.lastName_addressA person with the provided last name lives at the provided address.
test.candidateNoOFACMatchToNameAndDOBCheck if there is an OFAC match to the provided name and dob (match = fail)
test.watchlistThe identity provided is on a global watchlist (ex. OFAC or FinCEN sanctions)
link.address_SSN (4 or 9 digit)The SSN given matches the address given
link.dob_SSN (4 or 9 digit)DEPRECATED - Lexis no longer offers direct attribute-to-DOB matching. Use link.dob_candidate instead
link.fullName_SSN (4 or 9 digit)The full name given matches the SSN given
link.name_or_address_to_ssn (4 or 9 digit)The full name given matches either the full name or address for the SSN given

Assertions (cont...)

Assertion NamePASS definition
test.addressIsResidentialAddress provided is registered as a Residential Address
test.addressIsNotPOBoxAddress provided is not a PO Box
test.addressIsNotBusinessAddress provided is not registered as a business
test.addressIsVacantAddress provided is not vacant
test.address_is_currentAddress provided is the best/most recent address for the identity
test.noAddressConflictsThe address given is the most recent address for this person according to their credit file
test.ssnIsValidThe SSN provided is formatted correctly and exists
test.ssnNotDeceasedThe SSN is not deceased
test.candidateNotDeceasedThe overall identity found for the information provided is not deceased
test.fraudulentActivityAddressCheck if the provided address has been previously linked to fraud
test.ssnMatchesNoOthersThe provided SSN and other data points are collectively unlikely to match any other SSN
link.lastName_DOBDEPRECATED - Lexis no longer offers direct attribute-to-DOB matching. Use link.dob_candidate instead
link.dob_candidateLexis' algorithms will first resolve the "candidate/subject" and only then check if DOB matches that resolved identity.

Must be exact match on month, day and year to PASS.

Acquired Attributes (additional data returned from Lexis Nexis)

Acquired AttributeDefinition
RecordLookupTypeThe primary source where LexisNexis identified the data.
•A (Phone Listing)
•P (Phone records)
•U (Utility records)
•S (Customer Network)
•I (Internal Proprietary)
PhoneFirstSeenFirst month the phone was reported as active.
PhoneLastSeenLast month the phone was reported as active.
PhoneStatusConnected, disconnected
PhoneTypeMobile, pager, business
BusinessTypeType of business (if address is reported as biz)
- Prison
- Corporate
- Military
- Commercial or institutional
- Commercial Mailing Agency
- PO box
FlaggedWatchlistsA comma-separated list of all watchlists that were flagged for this identity.
FlaggedWatchlistsDetailsA comma-separated list of reasons why the identity was on each watchlists.
LexIDA unique ID for each identity. Similar to SSN but not considered personal information.
SSNValidityIndicator•G (Good)
•M (Manufactured from other data found)
•S (Suppressed)
•X (Insufficientinformation)
•O (Issued before the subject's DOB)
•R (Relative’s SSN)
•F (Typographical error)
•B (Bad)
•U (Unknown)
•Z (Possible different owner)