Boku - Mobile Carrier Reverse Lookup


Boku Mobile Identity platform performs phone identification, consumer authentication, and obtains consumer data across multiple channels including PC Web, Mobile Web and Mobile Applications.

Match Consumer Data

Merchants can match consumer provided data such as name and address against Boku sourced data originating from carriers and other sources. The match results can be used to reduce fraudulent transactions.

Enhance Fraud Management

Merchants can obtain certain phone attributes that act as risk signals to enhance fraud management systems. These attributes may include account tenure, account type, account status, device and sim tokens and carrier-network based location.


Assertion Name

Assertion Description


"Pass" if no port detected within last 30 days.


"Pass" if provided full name is registered to provided phone number.


"Pass" if provided address is registered to provided phone number.


"Pass" if provided last name is registered to provided phone number.


"Pass" if phone is safe to interact with, specifically "Mobile, Fixed, Fixed VOIP."

Acquired Attributes

Acquired Attribute Name

Acquired Attribute Description

Phone service provider

Phone service provider for this number. Examples - Verizon, AT&T, Orange.

Phone service country code

Country where this phone number is registered. 2 Character country code, example - US

Phone service type

One of the following:

  • Mobile
  • Fixed
  • Fixed VOIP
  • Non Fixed VOIP
  • Other

Attribute scores (address, name, email)

Match results to the phone number on an attribute by attribute basis.

  • 10: exact match
  • 9: High partial match
  • 5: Partial match
  • 0: No Match
  • -1: No data available