Health Check

To programmatically check if the ID DataWeb infrastructure is responsive, you can setup a script to poll your integration at your preferred cadence (every hour/minute/second).


  • Locate 1 of your apikeys / client_ids (YOUR_APIKEY) to be the designated as the "test" service. We suggested selecting your most commonly used apikey
    • NOTE: this will not impact your service's performance.
  • Choose the appropriate Default URL or Branded URL to monitor (detailed in the next section).
  • Replace YOUR_APIKEY with the apikey of your choice above.

Default URLs

Branded URLs

  • If you are using a branded URL, you can also confirm certificate functionality by polling the branded-version of the Default URLs above
  • Ex1. https:// /prod-axn/axn/ping.max?apikey= YOUR_APIKEY
  • Ex2. https:// /preprod-axn/axn/ping.max?apikey= YOUR_APIKEY

Successful response

  • {"http_status":200,"status":"Success"}
  • Any other response is indicative of an issue. Please contact our support team if detected.