Service Theming

Service Level Theming applies styling to individual services in a workflow.

Enabling Service Level Theming

In Admin, go to Workflows

From the dropdown menu of the workflow, click Manage Services

Locate the service to apply theming to, then Create a modify change request:

Then, open the tab labeled Theming:


  • Layout: The general appearance of the service page's layout.
  • Action Button: The Page Action Button, [Continue]
  • Form Panel: The Main Panel, [center screen]
  • Pre Form Content Slot: The text/area above the form content [dropdown].
  • Post Form Content Slot: The text/area beneath the form content [dropdown].
  • Post Submit Content Slot: The text/area beneath the Action Button.
  • Success Page: Page shown after successful completion
  • Custom CSS: Custom CSS to be applied to all sections.
  • Error Page

Custom HTML / CSS

For Service level theming, Pre / Post Form Content slots and Post Submit slots can be stylized using custom HTML / CSS directly.

CSS stylizing other elements of the service is done on the Custom CSS tab.