API Resources

Description of Verify API Resources.

Below are the API resources available in the Verify API. For a full API reference, please see the Verify API Reference.

/tokenOauth2 client credential-based authentication mechanism to retrieve a bearer token that's required to interact with any endpoints below throughout your transaction.
/slverifyVerifies the end user's attributes against the configured verification sources, and returns a list of assertions. Does not store any data in the Personal Data Service.
/otpInitiates a OTP challenge based on input configuration. Can be SMS, Email, or Voice.
/doccapture/sendlinkInitiates mobile gov-ID capture process. Takes mobile number of user as input.
/doccapture/statusChecks for status on the doc capture process.
/api/doccapture/resultsGets results of document upload, which can then be used in /verify, /slverify, or /reverify.
/trustdeviceAfter a successful MFA event, this can be called to trust the device for future logins (ex. for MFA suppression)
/emailSend a user an email with an embedded OIDC verification link (prefilled data options available)*
/linkGenerate an OIDC verification link (prefilled data options available)*
  • Requires special admin console permissions. Speak to your Solutions Architect to learn more.


API Technical Reference

The AXN Verify API Reference includes all of the technical details you'll need to integrate your system.

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