Onfido Passport Verification


Onfido's passport verification service scan the user’s government-issued ID and detect whether it’s genuine or fraudulent, down to a single pixel. They cover over 4,500 document types from 195 countries. The user takes a selfie, and Onfido's technology assesses their facial bio-metrics. A hybrid of AI and human experts analyze and give a score.

Country Support


test.passportVerifiedHighest order VERIFICATION check that ensures all of these assertions are PASS:
- document authenticated
- selfie matches document portrait
test.passportUncompromisedPass if no fraud detected in the images (tampering, photoshop, etc.)
test.passportDataConsistentPass if data extracted from front matches data from Barcode. Note - this is not recommended to be a blocking assertion.
test.passportDataValidPass if data appears reasonable on front and back.
test.passportGenderVerifiedPass if gender is consistent on front and back.
test.passportNotExiredPass if passport is not expired.
test.passportNumbersVErifiedPass if passport number matches expected format.
test.passportExpiryDateVerifiedPass if PASSPORT expiration date is in correct format, and AFTER the issue date.
test.passportDOBVerifiedPass if DOB is in correct format and consistent on front and back.
test.passportMRZVerifiedPass if MRZ can be verified / used.
test.passportVisualAuthenticityVerifiedEnsures document is a valid government issued ID (eg. it meets all known criteria for that document type )
test.passportVisualAuthenticityOtherVerifiedEnsures document is a valid government issued ID (eg. it meets all known criteria for that document type )
test.passportFacialDetectionVerifiedEnsures a portrait can be detected on the PASSPORT.
test.passportImageIntegrityVerifiedEnsures the image submitted is in a good format.
test.passportIsSupportedDetermines if this particular document is classified as a PASSPORT, and if that type of PASSPORT is supported.
test.passportImageQualityVerifiedQuality check on image submitted (Size, DPI)
test.passportPoliceRecordVerifiedDetermines if a police record is found for this PASSPORT (stolen, fraudulent)
test.passportDataComparisonVerifiedDetermines if data from front is consistent with data from back.
link.issuingCounrty_passportDetermines if submitted country matches issuing country for passport.
link.type_passportdetermines if the submitted document type (passport, PASSPORT, ID Card) is consistent with the document classification.
link.dateOfExpriy_passportdetermines if the submitted expiration date matches the PASSPORT.
link.numbers_passportdetermines if the submitted PASSPORT number is found on the PASSPORT.
link.dob_passportThe subject's Date-of-Birth matches that on the input Passport
link.firstName_passportThe subject's first matches that on the input Passport
link.lastName_passportThe subject's last name matches what is found on the PASSPORT (includes fuzzy matching)
link.fullName_passportThe subject's full name matches what is found on the PASSPORT (includes fuzzy matching)