ID DataWeb Output

ID DataWeb's output is broken into 4 key sections:

User Attributes

Attributes collected from the user during verification with consent. For example - the full name of the user.

Acquired Attributes

Attributes acquired from Attribute Providers about the transaction. For example - the mobile carrier associated with a phone number, or the state which the provided driver's license was issued.


Individual tests done by the configured Attribute Providers. For example - "the provided full name lives at this address", or "the provided full name is registered to this phone number."

Policy Decision

The policyDecision attribute is what indicates if a verification was successful in both the Federated Gateway and the Verify API. Based on the value of policyDecision, your application can determine what to do next with the end user.

Policy Decision Values

The policyDecision field can have the following values:

APPROVEIndicates the user was verified to the level specified in your policy.
DENYIndicates the user was not verified to the level specified in your policy.
OBLIGATIONIndicates there is an additional action required to verify the user.
NO DECISIONIndicates a policy is not set up on your service, or there was an error with the transaction.