API Integration of MobileMatch to KBA


This guide will show you how to use the AXN Verify API to verify an individual by MobileMatch to KBA.



  • Deploy the "MobileMatch to KBA" Workflow by following the directions here.
  • Obtain the access keys for your new workflow by following the directions here
  • Download and use the MobileMatch to KBA Postman Project to try it out



This workflow is a combination of two single method verification workflows. To first learn how to implement either workflow:

Escalating from MobileMatch to KBA

There are two conditions which should trigger a step up to KBA:

  • the user's selected country does not support MobileMatch
  • the user fails either the MobileMatch - PII, or MobileMatch - FastTap

If either condition is met during the MobileMatch phase of the transaction, the /slverify output will include a policyDecision of obligation, and the forwardApiKey will equal that of your Dynamic KBA API Key:

"forwardApiKey": "47aaf7cccfa14d42", //your Dynamic KBA api key
"policyObligation": true,
"policyDecision": "obligation"

Your application should then start the KBA process of API calls, as outlined here.


Note: You'll need to include logic in your application to begin the Dynamic KBA experience when the forwardApiKey you receive matches that of your workflow's KBA api key.


Whether the user was asked to complete MobileMatch or KBA, the conclusion of either workflow will be a policyDecision of either approve or deny.

policyDecision is a standard output of /slverify, the endpoint used to verify user information. Additional information on the output of SLVerify can be found here.