Real-time Certified Liveness Detection and 3D Face Matching for everyone, regardless of their device. FaceTec’s two-second video-selfie verifies Liveness, matches the user’s 3D FaceMap to their Photo ID, for secure account creation. Every time they return, FaceTec’s ongoing authentication can prove Liveness and compares their new 3D FaceMap to the one enrolled. If they match they get instant access, no password required!

Available attributes

Live Drivers License / ID Card / Passport Image
Live 3d Camera Selfie
Trusted 2d selfie


Parent/Child Assertions (pass/fail)Definition
* test.faceMapIs3dVerifies the selfie is 3d
* test.3dfaceMapIsHighQualityVerifies high quality 3d selfie
* test.3dFaceMapVerifiedWithAuditTrailImage​Verifies the "near" and "far" selfies match each other
* test.3dfaceMapIsUniqueVerifies this selfie has never been taken before
* test.3dFaceMapLivenessVerifies the selfie is live
test.3dFaceMapMatches2dHeadshotVerifies the live-taken selfie matches the 2d headshot to FAR level 7 (read more here https://dev.facetec.com/photo-id-match-guide)
test.2dHeadShotIsHighQualityVerifies the provided 2d headshot is high enough quality to match to the 3d selfie.

Acquired Attributes (additional data returned)

Acquired Attribute NameDefinition
faceMapWearGlassesLive 3d selfie was wearing glasses
targetHeadshotWearGlasses2d headshot provided was wearing glasses
AgeResultRange of age
Age 25 or Over
Age 30 or Over