Creating New Components

Create new components to modify your policies

For this example, we'll build a component that checks whether Full Name matches Address and Telephone.



Building components, you can:

  1. Create a new component from scratch.
  2. Create a new component from existing.



Types of Components include:

  1. Control.
    • Components that control what happens next, think Country Selection, or Document Type.
  2. Risk.
    • Components that detect Risk or Fraud , think Device Profiling, or Threat Metrix.
  3. Verification.
    • Components that prove or disprove information, think Full Name matches Address.

Create a New Verification Component


In IDDataWeb Admin, go to Verification Services > your-verification-service.

Then from the dropdown click Start Change Request:

Under Policies, click Add Rule > Create New Component.

Specify the Name, Description, and Category of your component.

Click Next, then Add a Trigger. For this example, we'll trigger twoAssertions:

[ link.fullName_Address, link.fullName_phone]

Lastly, click Add Rule. The following rule will appear: