Try Now

The "Try Now" feature allows the administrator to immediately use the workflow, either for testing or on behalf of an end user.

There are two main use cases for this feature:

  • - Testing. The "Try Now" feature can be used to ensure any changes to your workflow meet your expectations. For example - after deploying branding changes, use "Try Now" to ensure everything looks good.
  • - Call Center Verification - The "Try Now" Feature can be used by a call center representative to verify a call in user's identity over the phone.

Input Fields

  • Country - the country of the end user being verified. Default is US.
  • Redirect To - the redirect URL for the user once verification is complete. For testing - choose /fin for a summarized "approve" or "deny" message, and "showEndpoint" to see the full JSON payload (more useful for developers.)
  • Credential - the assigned unique ID for the user of this transaction. Can be used to find your transaction on the transaction report page.
  • AppID - optional field to tag a transaction as coming from a specific application. See AppID for more details.

Viewing Results

Once a transaction is complete, the details of the transaction can be found with the Transaction Report tool.