Equifax delivers a comprehensive suite of identity screening, verification and authentication tools developed to mitigate fraud, protect privacy, and reduce data loss, while improving user acceptance and satisfaction with online channels.

Equifax solutions provide differentiated value to our customers. Our identity and fraud products allow you to establish and maintain a trusted electronic identity of an individual. Our real-time identity proofing and verification combines robust data sources, statistical modeling, and patented technologies to create distinctive out-of-wallet questions that identify users as unique individuals. Once proofed, a user can immediately register for strong, multi-factor authentication credentials to ensure that every time they return to your portals, they can securely access the data they need.

Country support

United States

Available attributes

Full Name

link.fullName_addressA person with the provided full name lives at the provided address.
link.fullName_phoneCheck to ensure full name provided matches the full name on the registered phone
link.lastName_addressA person with the provided last name lives at the provided address
link.phone_lastNameEnsures the last name provided matches the full name on the registered phone
link.fullName_SSN9The full name given matches the SSN9 given
link.fullName_SSN4Validates that the full name is tied to the SSN4.
link.lastName_DOBValidates that the last name is tied to the DOB.