AXN Verify

Overview of the AXN Verify solution.

This solution provides an interface to allow verification against our network for one time account opening. The AXN acts as a passthrough, and provides the verification results back to your endpoint in an easily consumable format.

Example Interaction

  1. To open an account, a user must be digitally verified. The user is challenged to enter PII, take pictures of their government issued IDs, or whatever else the administrator requires .
  2. The data is submitted to ID DataWeb's Attribute Exchange Network
  3. The attributes are exchanged with the configured verification services.
  4. The results of the identity and attribute verifications are returned. AXN normalizes, scores and packages the results.
  5. Results are returned to the application in an industry standard format. The application makes a decision on if the user should get access or not.
  6. The user is given access to the application.