Here's what you can do using the AXN!

ID DataWeb's Attribute Exchange Network allows users to create identity verification and adaptive MFA solutions to help you trust who you're interacting with online. The AXN provides a single interface to the industry's top verification, login, and MFA services, and allows administrators to customize policies which solve their specific problems.

The Attribute Exchange Network supports two solutions:

-- AXN Verify - Supports upfront verification of users for account openings.
-- AXN Manage - Delivers ongoing reassessment of identity attributes by integrating with your existing web access management tools.


AXN VerifyAXN Manage
Identity VerificationYesYes
Federated login + Account linkingNoYes
Re-verification on subsequent loginsNoYes

AXN Verify vs. Manage - When to Use

  • If you want to Verify your customer before they have an account, choose AXN Verify.
  • If you want to Verify your users on an ongoing basis during Login time, choose AXN Manage.
  • If you want to enable secure social sign in (e.g. sign up with Google) with identity verification, choose AXN Manage.