Transaction History

Describes interaction between end user, relying party, and AXN.

Transaction StepDescription
NEW_USERA new new user is created
USER_NOT_AUTHENTICATEDThis user is not yet authenticated.
USER_VERIFICATION_WITH_RPThis user is getting verified with this rp.
USER_VERIFICATIONRETRY_ATTEMPT_WITH_RPThis user is getting verified retried with this rp.
USER_AUTHENTICATEDThis user logged in through an IDP and was authenticated.
NO_ATTRIBUTES_SHARED_WITH_RPThis user has not shared any attributes with this RP.
USER_ATTRIBUTES_SHARED_WITH_RPThis user has shared any attributes with this RP.
USER_PREFERENCE_ATTRIBUTES_SHARED_WITH_RPThis user has shared all preference attributes with this RP.
USER_AUTOREDIRECT_WITH_RPThis user has all claims not expired and is auto redirected to RP callback URL.
NOT_ALL_ATTRIBUTES_ACTIVE_WITH_RPNot all attributes are active with RP.
USER_FAILED_ASSERTIONS_WITH_RPUser has failed assertion with this RP.
USER_PINSO_ONLY_RPUser has only PIN SOs with this RP.
AUTOVERIFY_RPUser went through auto verification.
AUTOVERIFY_RPUser went through auto verification.
USER_UMC_ATTRIBUTE_DELETEUser deleted attribute in UMC
USER_UMC_REVOKE_ACCESS_WITH_RPUser revoked access through UMC.
USER_UMC_DISPLAYUser managed console displayed.
USER_REDIRECT_ON_VERIFICATION_COMPLETEThis user was redirected after successful verification flow.
CONSENTONEACHLOGIN_WITH_FAILED_ASSERTIONSRP has econsent on each login and user failed assertions